Rebecca Blackenberg 2017 Spier Arts Trust Graduate

Rebecca Blackenberg (1988 -)

Rebecca grew up and is based in Cape Town. She joined Spier Arts Academy as a ceramic apprentice in 2015. Rebecca excelled at practical and theoretical learning in ceramic and was invited one of two ceramic apprentices to receive a place on the sponsored European Cultural Tour to Italy and Spain in 2016.

“Ceramics is extremely versatile; the possibilities in which ceramics can be designed, produced and functioned are infinite. I found my calling, I’ve always been creative, but ceramics is what my hands were made for.”

Rebecca envisions a future where she can endlessly create and pass on her skills to future generations.

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Artist: Dion Cupido
Title: Creative Collision
Size: 2.5m x 4m
Collection: -
Location: Johannesburg | +27 21 461 2679
Union House, 25 Commercial Street, Cape Town, 8001